Customers says

  • I just thought I’d pass along a picture of the new steady rest on our Puma 700L. This has been the best machine tool accessory purchase I have ever made. The quality and engineering on the steady rest is absolutely top notch, and delivery was on time.

    Gene Pape - Precision Machine & Mfg., Inc.

  • I just wanted to give you some feedback on the steady rest you sent to us a few weeks ago. We love it. It works very well for everything we’ve thrown at it. I wanted to thank you again for rushing the order through for us.

    Andy J. Jellum - NOV

  • Just wanted to let you know that we have begun using the steady rest you made us for the MT and it is working well.

    Mike McFarlane - K&B Machine Works

  • Your steady rest has been up on the machine for a while now and has been working great. The customer is very happy with its performance and operation. Thank you for providing a great product and solution to our needs. I will definitely endorse your steady rests for future projects.

    Bill Belina - Haas Factory Outlet-Anaheim

  • I wanted to thank Schmidt Tool for its commitment to our business through the steady rest solution you provided. It's great now to walk into the shop and the first thing you see is a large rotor being turned-and that has happened because of the steady rests


  • I couldn’t be happier with the Steady Rests and how they operate.

    Kevin Robinson - Baltimore Coast Guard

  • I work at Fabrication Associates in Charlotte, NC we have one of your steady rests and it is an AWESOME Steady Rest!!!! I would like to purchase a RIP shirt like the one that came with our Steady Rest.

    John Phillipy

  • Ted, just wanted to tell you thank you again! The Steady Rest went in perfect and customer is happy once again. Much appreciated with all the help with this one and being right on time. Thank you, looks great.

    Anthony Jocson - Samchully

  • Ted I forgot to let you know we received the Steady Rest and it looks great and you did a great design exactly what we needed. Thanks for getting it to us so fast. You must have a great crew!! I also wanted to tell you thank you for the t-shirt. I hope by the end of this week we will be using your great tool you guys made! Thank You.

    Ryan Stump - Metal Tech

  • Kim, back in 2012 we purchased a steady rest for our Okuma LB45 but never installed it. For over 4 years it just sat there collecting dust on the nice black cover until last week. It’s mounted and working great on this job that we have 20 tubes to do. Your company did a great job on building it. Regards.

    Dan Welter - Diamond Tool & Die

  • Hi Linda, Please pass this on to the company who made the Steady Rest, it worked great and fit perfectly. Regards.

    Pat Yeamans - Yeamans Machine Shop

  • Dear Schmidt Tool, I just wanted to say how pleased we are with our purchase of your pass through style steady rest (RIP-216). I am one of the CNC Lathe Machinists here at FM Machine who has been using the steady rest ever since we received the mount for our Hyundai Kia SKT460. Everything fit just perfect. It is very easy to adjust and re-position which makes for better production time. Thanks for an awesome product.

    Joseph Patchin - FM Machine