Steady Rest #1600 Rolls off the Production Line in Willis, Texas

(Willis, TX., USA) April 19, 2017 Schmidt Tool & Manufacturing Company, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative Steady Rest products achieved a milestone today as the 900th Steady Rest Tool was shipped from its Willis (Houston), Texas plant. “This is an achievement that we can all be proud of. It confirms the market’s continued acceptance of our line of workholding solutions” said James Schmidt, Vice President, of the company.

A Steady Rest is designed to support a length of bar stock centered on a lathe during the turning process. Even steel has a tendency to deflect away from the cutting tool, and when that happens it is impossible to hold the tight tolerances required for precision on long machine parts. The Schmidt Steady Rest fills the need with three adjustable rollers designed to cradle the bar stock. Schmidt Steady Rest products routinely hold tolerances of up to 0.0005” (1/2 of thousand of an inch).

The company got into the Steady Rest business in an interesting way. “In 1995 we purchased a CNC lathe for our machine Shop” said Schmidt. “When it arrived, we then got a job that required a steady rest. They told me that there was a 9 month delivery for steady rest for my lathe. Naturally we could not wait that long, so we then decided to build our own. Once we designed and built our first one, the dealer that sold us the lathe asked us if we would be interested in making steady rests for them, with a much better delivery. Not only did it start to increase our business, but that particular lathe manufacturer was able to sell their lathes when others were not, because they could get a steady rest.” continued Schmidt. “We did and the rest is history.”

All Schmidt products are manufactured in their plant in Texas. Spare parts are kept in stock and available for immediate shipment. The Schmidt Tool Steady Rest tagline is “Rest In Piece”, and you will find their distinctive RIP coffin logo on each and every Steady Rest product.

The original Schmidt Steady Rest was an RIP Series 100 - which is a full wrap style tool. The company also makes a RIP Series 200 - Pass Thru Steady Style, a RIP Series 300 Mill Steady Product, RIP Series 400 Single Adjust, and a RIP Series 500 Swivel Top. Sizes for their products range from 1” through 36”.

Details on all of the products can be found on the Schmidt Tool Steady Rest website at: While you are there, check out the new installation video designed to help CNC machinists get the most out of their new Steady Rest product.

“While we take a great deal of pride in achieving this milestone, the next 900 should come quicker as our reseller and distribution networks expand around the world. Our tools are designed for operators who demand quality, great customer service and a fair price”. It is a combination that’s worked for us over the years and we see no need to change it” said Schmidt.

About Schmidt Tool & Manufacturing Company

The Schmidt Tool and Manufacturing Company name is synonymous with precision and reliability that reflects their commitment to quality. Since 1981 it has been the policy to remain on the leading edge of technology. In addition to their line of Steady Rest - “Rest In Piece” products, Schmidt also offers fabrication and CNC lathe milling services. The company is located just outside Houston, Texas and has sales representatives in Texas and surrounding states.