R.I.P. Series 500

The Rest in Piece 500 Series is a Swivel Top Steady Rest. It combines some of the best features of both the Full Wrap style and Pass Thru style. The photo shows a steady rest designed for a flat bed manual lathe, but can be designed to fit applications for slant bed lathes. The primary differences is this Steady Rest top does not hinge open like the Full Wrap, but instead it swivels out of the way. This is a safety improvement and it is much easier for the operator to open and close.


  • Each rest has a wide work range.
  • Roller bearings are designed for high loads and moderate speeds and can be relubricated.
  • Fine threaded adjustment screws along with bronze nuts provide a smooth adjustment.
  • Plates are blanchard ground and working parts are hardened.
  • Parts are black oxided for corrosion protection.
  • A roller cart, adjustment wrench, and a dust cover is provided with each unit.
RIP-509 1.00-9"
RIP-512 1"-12"
RIP-514 1"-14"
RIP-516 1"-16"
RIP-518 1.5"-18"