R.I.P Series 400

The Rest in Piece 400 series Steady Rest is a single adjust design. One turn of the handle, and all three rollers come in to center your part. The photo shows a steady rest designed for a slant bed lathe, but it can be designed to fit applications from flat bed CNC’s to manual lathes. The design allows for a wide range of sizes and the rigidity needed to produce excellent finishes.


  • Each rest has a wide work range.
  • Roller bearings are designed for high loads and moderate speeds and can be relubricated.
  • Fine threaded adjustment screws along with bronze nuts provide a smooth adjustment.
  • Plates are blanchard ground and working parts are hardened.
  • Parts are black oxided for corrosion protection.
  • A roller cart, adjustment wrench, and a dust cover is provided with each unit.
RIP-409 1.”-9”
RIP-412 2”-12”
RIP-415 6”-15”
RIP-426 12”-26”