Our rollers need very small amounts of pressure against the part to support it. We recommend just a little more than hand tight.

Most of the time we can be ready to ship 4 weeks or less from your order date. Please contact us about your specific delivery needs.

We regularly mount our Steady Rests to a factory supplied base, and there is no additional cost for this.

With the help of our installation instructions, all of our Steady Rests are very simple to install.

It is always to your advantage to buy through your local machinery salesperson. If you are not working with a dealer we will sell direct. However, to protect the machinery dealers who sell for us, we only sell direct at List Price.

Lithium Complex E.P. grease. We buy from Vor-Tex Industries, 800-683-4333 Do not put any other type of grease in your roller bearings or they will fail prematurely!!!

The price includes a mount and all the hardware necessary to fit your machine, a roll around storage cart, a dust cover, a wrench, a tube of grease, mounting & operating instructions, a 1 Year Limited Warranty, & unlimited technical support 7–5 M-TH & 7-3:30 F

The weight capacity is typically engraved on the mount base plate.

The part diameter range is typically engraved on the mount base plate.

The bearing # is typically engraved on the mount base plate.

We buy them from Motion Industries and we will sell them to you, but you can also find them at most bearing supply houses.